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For almost a decade, this blog disseminated unpublished posts, news, articles and didactic material on Global Health for pedagogical use, and was the main tool for student evaluation of the Global Health discipline at IRI/USP, created and taught by Deisy Ventura (FSP/USP). It was deactivated in 2018 and returned to activity in August 2021 with a new design by Fernando Macedo

The blog was coordinated in 2021 by Tiago Mocellin Pittas (PhD student at IRI/USP, CAPES scholarship holder and PAE assistant of the discipline), Cristiane Ribeiro Pereira (MSc student at IRI/USP, FAPESP scholarship holder and monitor of the Global Health Security discipline), and Camila Corrêa da Costa Sousa (PhD student at FSP/USP), in addition to the teacher responsible for the discipline.

Deisy Ventura and Leonel Furtado Campos created the blog in 2012. In its origin, it had the collaboration of Fernanda Aguilar Perez (at the time a doctoral student at the PPG of IRI/USP), Letícia Simões Gomes and Karin Kaori (at the time undergraduate students at IRI/USP and Scientific Initiation fellows at NAP/DISA-USP), Felipe Angel Castellaro (at the time a graduate student at FD/USP and IC-NAP/DISA scholar), Marília Ramos (at the time a graduate student at IRI/USP and egress of the first class of the discipline) and Lincoln Mendes Gomes (a graduate student at IRI/USP and at the time a scholar of the USP’s Teaching with Research program). During the first semester of 2017, it was coordinated by Arthur Murta (then a PhD student at IRI/USP) and Juliana Caires (then a graduate student at IRI/USP).
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Our eternal thanks to 💕Laerte Coutinho 💞 for the authorization to use the comic strip that illustrated the blog’s header between 2013 and 2018.

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