Publications of the WG Agreement on Pandemics and IHR Reform (Fiocruz/USP)

Nota técnica n.2

Acordo sobre pandemias: Brasil deve buscar liderança do Sul Global com ênfase na redução das iniquidades antes, durante e depois das emergências

Nota Técnica n.1

Um mecanismo de Revisão Periódica Universal (RPU) para a saúde? A proposta da Organização Mundial da Saúde (OMS) em debate

Reports from independent commissions and WHO that have proposed reforms in global health governance

The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response

Review Committee on the Functioning of the International Health Regulations (2005) during the COVID-19 Response

Global Preparedness Monitoring Board. A world in disorder (2020)

The Lancet Commission on lessons for the future from the COVID-19 pandemic

Framework Convention on Global Health (FCGH) Alliance


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