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International Health Regulations Reform – IHR

At the World Health Organization (WHO), the Working Group on IHR Amendments (WGIHR), made up of representatives of the States Parties, is in charge of reforming the International Health Regulations, the latest version of which was adopted in 2005 and has been in force since 2007 in 196 States.

The scope of this negotiating process exceeds pandemics, as the IHR encompasses the international spread of any disease or threat that can be considered an international health emergency, including bioterrorism. 

Established by the 75th World Health Assembly (WHA) in May 2022, the WG-RSI actually results from the assignment of a new name and new mandate to the pre-existing Working Group on Strengthening WHO Preparedness and Response to Health Emergencies. In addition to the redirection of this group, the same Assembly, under the impulse of the United States, approved a set of measures that streamline the process of approving and enforcing amendments to the IHR. Composed of representatives from the member states, this working group has been coordinated by representatives from Botswana, France, the United States, Indonesia, Iraq, and Singapore.

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