OMS lança manual sobre colaboração com atores não-estatais

Disponível em inglês.

The purpose of this Handbook is to guide non‑State actors in engaging in a systematic way with the World Health Organization (WHO) by walking them through The Framework of engagement with non-State actors’ principles and processes and ensure smooth implementation of the Framework. WHO’s Framework of Engagement with Non‑State Actors (FENSA) provides the guidance needed to engage in partnership with all types of non‑State actors while maintaining the Organization’s integrity and independence from interests detri‑ mental to health. WHO will continue to strategically strengthen its engagement with non‑State actors. The Handbook* does not replace the text of FENSA. The text adopted by WHO Member States will be applied by the WHO Secretariat when engaging with non‑State actors. If there are information gaps in the Handbook, or any apparent inconsistencies between the Handbook and FENSA, FENSA and the WHO rele‑ vant rules and policies will apply. Non‑State actors are encouraged to refer to the FENSA text. In May 2016 the World Health Assembly adopted the Framework for Engagement with non‑State actors, or FENSA, which is a set of rules governing WHO’s engage‑ ment with non‑State actors. Its overall goal is to strengthen WHO’s engagement with non‑State actors while preserving its integrity, reputation, mandate and work. FENSA acknowledges that the global health landscape has become more complex, with an increasing number of players, including non‑State actors. FENSA recog‑ nizes that non‑State actors play a critical role in supporting WHO’s work, and that inclusiveness, dialogue and engagement with them is key to its success. FENSA also recognizes that WHO’s engagement with non‑State actors brings important benefits to both parties and that, this convergence of interests can ben‑ efit global public health.

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