Public Health Reports – Applying Social Determinants of Health to Public Health Practice

128_9cNovember/December 2013, Volume 128

Supplement 3

This supplement seeks to advance scientific knowledge and illustrate how public health professionals can address SDH across a range of public health activities that promote health equity among the populations most disproportionately impacted by infectious and chronic diseases.

Article Title Page Number
Supplement 3: Applying Social Determinants of Health to Public Health Practice 0
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From Theory to Action: Applying Social Determinants of Health to Public Health Practice 1
Hazel D. Dean , ScD, MPH Kim M. Williams , PhD Kevin A. Fenton , MD, PhD, FFPH
Integrating a Social Determinants of Health Approach into Public Health Practice: A Five-Year Perspective of Actions Implemented by CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention 5
Hazel D. Dean , ScD, MPH Kevin A. Fenton , MD, PhD, FFPH
What Can Public Health Programs Do to Improve Health Equity? 12
Ritu Sadana , ScD Erik Blas , DrPH
School Contexts as Social Determinants of Child Health: Current Practices and Implications for Future Public Health Practice 21
Keng-Yen Huang , PhD, MPH Sabrina Cheng , BA Rachelle Theise , PsyD
Identifying the Root Causes of Health Inequities: Reflections on the 2011 National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention Health Equity Symposium 29
Ana Penman-Aguilar , PhD, MPH Kathleen McDavid Harrison , PhD, MPH Hazel D. Dean , ScD, MPH
Improving Occupational Safety and Health Among Mexican Immigrant Workers: A Binational Collaboration 33
Michael A. Flynn , MA Pietra Check , MPH Donald E. Eggerth , PhD Josana Tonda , LED
Protecting Labor Rights: Roles for Public Health 39
Rajiv Bhatia , MD, MPH Megan Gaydos , MPH Karen Yu , MPH, REHS June Weintraub , ScD
Addressing the Social Determinants of Health through the Alameda County, California, Place Matters Policy Initiative 48
Katherine Schaff , MPH Alexandra Desautels , MSW Rebecca Flournoy , MPH /Keith Carson , MPA Teresa Drenick , JD Darlene Fuji , RD, MEd Anna Lee , MSJessica Luginbuhl , MPH Mona Mena , MPH, MSW Amy Shrago , MPP Anita Siegel , RN, MPH Robert Stahl , BA Kimi Watkins-Tartt , BA Pam Willow , JD, MPP Sandra Witt , MA, DrPH Diane Woloshin , MS, RD Brenda Yamashita , BA
The Role of Effective Partnerships in an Australian Place-Based Intervention to Reduce Race-Based Discrimination 54
Angeline Samantha Ferdinand , MPH Yin Paradies , PhD Margaret Anne Kelaher , PhD
A Community-Academic Partnership to Address Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities through Grant-Making 61
Michelle A. Ramos , MPH Ashley Fox , PhD Ellen P. Simon , DSW Carol R. Horowitz , MD, MPH
Synthesizing Evidence-Based Strategies and Community-Engaged Research: A Model to Address Social Determinants of Health 68
Lisa Jane Hardy , PhD Kyle David Bohan , MPH Robert Talbot Trotter, II , PhD
Using a Health in All Policies Approach to Address Social Determinants of Sexually Transmitted Disease Inequities in the Context of Community Change and Redevelopment 77
Holly Avey , PhD, MPH Elizabeth Fuller , DrPH, MSPH Jane Branscomb , MPH /Karen Cheung , MPH Phillip Jackson Reed , BS Naima Wong , PhD, MPH /Michael Henderson , MPA Samantha Williams , PhD
Achieving a Healthy Zoning Policy in Baltimore: Results of a Health Impact Assessment of the TransForm Baltimore Zoning Code Rewrite 87
Rachel L. Johnson Thornton , MD, PhD Amelia Greiner , MS, PhD Caroline M. Fichtenberg , MS, PhD Beth J. Feingold , MPH, MESc, PhD Jonathan M. Ellen , MD Jacky M. Jennings , PhD, MPH
Geo-Epidemiologic and Molecular Characterization to Identify Social, Cultural, and Economic Factors Where Targeted Tuberculosis Control Activities Can Reduce Incidence in Maryland, 2004–2010 104
Catharine Prussing , MHS Carlos Castillo-Salgado , MD, JD, DrPH Nancy Baruch , RN, MS, MBA Wendy Cronin , PhD, MT (ASCP)

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